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Qnex Technologies LLP or Qnex Tech provides world class data capturing services
for numerous data entry projects to get accurate and cost effective
document imaging.
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History of Qnex technologies LLP

Qnex technologies LLP are one among the leading firm in providing all kinds of technical aspects for our valuable clients at higher standards. Qnex technologies are defined to be high qualified client focused firm with skilled and dedicated professionals to be the best in each and every field we focus on. Qnex technologies have their vision on focusing on data and content management services in e-publishing and transcription services in both local and international aspects. Our firm is combined with our continuous international technical aspects in many ways. Our firm ‘s continuous system monitoring process are with stringent quality testing and tight security policies as per international standards to all customers in maintain data privacy, confidentiality and services continuity. We are proud to say ourselves in focusing upon the talent for young energetic clients in many ways.

Qnex technologies firm is defined to deliver technology enabled business solutions that helps the diversified companies to win their business. Our firm offers complete range of services by our domain and business expertise services.

Qnex technologies are pride enough to boost ourselves as the long term client relationship professionals. We are eminent in achieving the real business results that allows the long term relationship with our clients. You will experience the business is met on time within budget and with higher standard quality, great efficiency and responsiveness to your business results in order to transform and maintain the high quality requirements within budget and with high quality, great efficiency and best responsiveness to your business

Qnex technologies have started our firm with a team of young and generous entrepreneurs. We started running our firm with latest technologies supporting the same. We are with a team of diverse and knowledge professionals with innovative ideas grouped together in making Qnex technologies to be multidisciplinary organization.

Our firm is eminent in offering numerous kinds of transcription services to our valuable clients. We have been operating in the field of transcription works in order to adapt modern technology to assist our transcriptionists in meeting our client’s demand faster and higher standard effective services. All our services are done as per the state art of technology. We offer accurate and high quality transcription services at competitive prices

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Service is Exclusive
E-publishing services marketed directly to authors almost always operate on a nonexclusive basis. That means you can use their service to sell your e-book while also selling your e-book anywhere else you like (or using any other service).

Exclusive contract e publishing services
If you’re working with an agent to publish your e-book, you will likely be asked to sign a contract that has a 2- or 3-year term. This is simply to ensure that, after your e-book files are prepared, your cover designed, and all ducks put in a row, that you don’t suddenly change your mind and take your e-book elsewhere. There are sufficient upfront costs that the agent needs to be confident of recouping their initial outlay. Recommended towards the fast internet marketing condition towards the change for e-books concepts

Control the price
While some services may have reasonable pricing restrictions, standard practice is to give the author complete control over pricing. E publishers should defined to have a controlled price

File Format for E publishing:
Make more to think about the file format that determines the use of service in first place and charged for the conversion services you wish to move about that defines the proper aspects in the e publishing services

A few things to know:
•    Microsoft Word or any text file is commonly accepted. However: If you’re publishing direct to Kindle or Nook or use Smashwords, which is automated too), unless you “unformat” your Word document, it is likely to look like crap on an e-reading device when automatically converted to an e-book format. Most retailer’s e-publishing services have extensive guidelines, preview programs, and other ways of ensuring things look OK before your e-book goes live.

•    EPUB is the industry standard e-book file format. If you want to create your own EPUB file, see the end of this post for recommendations.

•    Many conversion/formatting services typically offer you EPUB and MOBI files since that covers you on Amazon and just about any other e-book retailer.

•    PDF is one of the most difficult file formats to convert to EPUB. Expect to pay.

These are all the various services for e publishing services that defines the e publishers to make the services in an reliable manner which defines to make your word document look crap on reading device in order to create the own EPUB file format

Qnex technologies llp

Qnex technologies best in focusing upon data capturing services with high quality data capture solutions.

We ensure that our data capturing services is accurate and completed at short span of time.

Our data capturing services are done automatically by extracting scanned images and make available the electronic data processing services in order to align and prepare images, edit and correct irrelevant data, convert image data in to computer readable characters and many more services are done by data processing services.

We are efficient and skilled professionals in completing your data capturing services as per your requirement and specification

Qnex technologies are one among the leading companies in Chennai. We are specializing in this field for the past several years.

Our Qnex team is experienced in providing information on the World Wide Web through XML services. Our team provides multiple services using XML form many companies in order to convert the data into XML form that helps in increasing your business all over the world.

Qnex technologies provide high quality conversion of data into XML conversion services. We do provide necessary XML conversion services as per our client requirement and specification.

Qnex are efficient XML converting numerous formats such as HTML, PDF, DOC, Text and many more.

Qnex Tech is one among the leading companies in Chennai. We are experienced in this field for the past several years.

Qnex technologies define the analysis of data in cleaning, transforming and modelling the data with goal of fetching the information.

Qnex technologies are eminent in analyzing the data from multiple facets under numerous business aspects. Qnex tech focus on data analysing the data modelling and discover the descriptive services at higher standards for the company.


Qnex technologies llp are pioneers in providing world class electronic publishing services. We have toiled hard in this field for the past several years.

Qnex Technologies professionals are eminent in helping numerous companies to be in higher standards by providing contents to enhance and transform contents in precise manner.

Qnex Technologies professionals are skilled and have a vast knowledge on publishing operations and understand the differences between all major company categories and work accordingly. Our entire team work hard for content creation, content mining and development and electronic publishing works

Qnex technologies are one among the leading personnel in analyzing the knowledge discovery of data mining services.

Qnex technology professionals are efficient, experienced and skilled personnel in discovering patterns in large data sets with the perfect methods of artificial intelligence and data base systems. Qnex technologies are prominent in performing data mining task of automatic or semi-automatic analysis of large information of numerous data associated with rule of data mining. We assure that our experienced and skilled personnel in data mining in order to identify multiple groups in data. We always include data collection and data preparation to be the major part in our data mining step, so that could make you get eminent information about our data mining procedures